10 Excellent Customer Service Phrases You SHOULD Say

Looking to get ahead of the curve? Use these 10 excellent customer service phrases to delight and excite your customers while they are in contact with you.

  1. “Thank you.”

Customers love to feel valued. Thanking them throughout the call will dramatically increase the feelings of goodwill from the interaction.

  1. “I can absolutely help you with that.”

The phrase, “I can absolutely help you with that,” signals your willingness and ability to help the customer address whatever issue he or she is facing.

  1. “Great question.”

When a customer hits you with a reasonable query, this phrase affirms the validity of their call and signals that the conversation is heading down a good path.

  1. “I understand.”

Another response that alleviates customer anxiety and signals your own competency and ability to help. This phrase reassures your customer that they’re on track to solving their problem.

  1. “What else can I help you with?”

Solving for the main customer query is great but solving for ancillary questions and issues that prevent future call backs is better.

  1. “How is your day going?”

This customer service phrase is the inverse of complaining about your day. It shows empathy and curiosity about your customer’s state of mind outside of merely solving their problem.

  1. “I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.”

If a customer raises an issue, it’s wise to thank them for surfacing the problem in the first place. Doing so shows that your company is committed to serving customer needs.

  1. “We appreciate your feedback.”

Thanking a customer for feedback is a basic move you can execute that signals to your customer that your company is genuinely committed to problem-solving and improving the overall customer experience.

  1. “I can do that for you.”

When a customer requests something that is within your scope of execution, let him or her know. Again, this customer service phrase quickly signals that the conversation is heading towards a positive resolution of the customer’s problems.

  1. “Your business means a lot to us.”

Every customer is important, regardless of how much they are paying your business. Treat them as such.

Credit: Jeremy Boudinet

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