15 Customer Service Tools your business needs to win people over

It is obvious that every business needs customers. Therefore, without a responsive customer service team in place, no business can survive for long. Customer service reps are at the forefront every time there is a need to fix customer issues and if trained well, they do their best to rectify the situation and make the customer happy again.

In many ways, they serve as a repository of information for all company-related questions and do the job of translating customer experiences to the product team. In their journey towards growth and development, businesses notice that as the customer base grows, the number of problem reports also grows. For this very reason, it is necessary for your business to equip itself with the latest customer service tools that will support you in continuing growth.

Here are 10 customer service tools that can help bring you and your customers closer together.

  1. Help Ticketing System
  2. Live Chat
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Instant Messaging
  5. Social Media
  6. Email Automation
  7. Customer Portal
  8. Self-Service Knowledge Base
  9. Online Communities
  10. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
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