7 Customer Service Phrases You Should NEVER Say

1. “I’m not sure.”

There are a million better ways to respond to a customer’s question you’re uncertain of than the outright omission, “I’m not sure.” It signifies helplessness and lack of competence.

2. “Let me check.”

“Let me check” is a vague phrase. Adding specifics such as “with my manager” or “your latest account activity” signals clear, direct action on your part and gives the customer a better idea of the process you’re following to resolve the issue.

3. “I can’t help you.”

This should be a no-brainer, but we’ve all been on the receiving end of this phrase with a customer service representative at one time or another.

4. “Calm down.”

If a customer is angry or upset, it is your job as the customer service representative to calm them down by solving their issue, not by telling them how they should be feeling. To be fair, this is often much easier said than done and requires a great deal of self-control on the part of the customer service agent.

5. “You’re mistaken.”

Telling a customer that he or she is wrong is committing a cardinal sin. You’re breaking the first commandment of good business.

6. “We’ve never had this issue before.”

This futile attempt at reassurance makes the customer feel more alarmed upon hearing that it’s a new problem. There are other ways to reassure customers that an issue they may be experiencing is rare and almost certain never to happen again.

7. “Let me call you back.”

If you need to do some serious research or consulting with your team prior to resolving their issue, let the customer know. Under no circumstances should you blindside a customer with a request to call them back.

Credit: Jeremy Boudinet

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