8 Customer Service Psychology Tips Based on Emotional Intelligence

1) Show Customers They Matter

All individuals desire to be accepted and valued by others (Esteem). Choose to give each customer your undivided attention and an earnest attempt to solve their concerns.

2) Answer Politely and Clearly

What you say is just as important as how quickly you say it. Use positive phrases and terms when responding and conversing with customers. Show them the respect they deserve.

3) Respond Quickly

When you respond to customer comments, questions, queries, and reviews, quickly, you show them that you care about their time and also provide the information or attention, they requested or required.

4) Provide Availability

Showing customers you are available to them via multiple channels, makes them feel a sense of belonging. When you provide the attention they want, when they want it, it creates a happy customer.

5) Identify Customer Needs

Identify what your customers need from you through keyword research, social listening, analytics, and focus groups.

6) Exhibit a High Level of Reliability

When customers know you will be there for them and they can rely on you, they feel a sense of security. They will feel like you will not let them down.

7) Offer Convenience

Giving customer convenience in every way possible is considerate, and customers love it (Love/belonging). Ask customers if they’d like home delivery etc.

8) Show Empathy

Presenting customers with an understanding of how they are feeling in any given situation shows you care. Show humanity and that you genuinely care.

Credit: Gaetano Dinardi

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