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The primary responsibility of an organisation is their customers. Customers pay bills and fund businesses by patronizing them. As a result, customers expect and are entitled to receive full service for goods and services purchased.


CSM does not seek to establish anything as an absolute fact, but to report on the feelings and broader perception of customers with respect to services provided by these organizations.


The content will not represent the opinion of the presenters or the company, CSM will focus on expressing customer’s issues with service providers and the organization’s viewpoints

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CSM represents an effective platform for discussing and addressing customer service gaps and service recovery issues.

On the platform of CSM, complaints or commendations, as the case may be, would come in from the public about service providers or those who sell products, e.g. telecommunication companies, internet service providers, banks, higher institutions, government ministries and parastatals, GENCOs and DISCOs, etc.

  • Vision

    We aim to achieve a customer-centric system of service delivery by companies and organizations in Nigeria

  • Mission

    We are committed to improving the standard of service delivered by organisations, companies, businesses, government parastatals and Nigeria as a whole

What others say about us

Whatever the issues you have encountered with products used or companies dealt with, C.S.M is there to listen and follow up. They did me well.

I was assisted to get a lingering service issue with one of the telecom companies resolved in no time. Thanks C.S.M

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