As a leader, this is how you retain customers during disruption

The first thing you have to think about during a dispute is allow customers to talk. Allow angry customers to talk and express their feelings until they release their frustration and calm down. Then you move on to show that you care. Use empathy statements to show you understand the customer’s feelings or frustrations.

Leaders Show Up During Disruptions

As leaders in organizations facing both expected and unexpected disruptions, it’s easy to fall into the “nothing I can do about it” trap. But, courageous leaders know that they need to show up when navigating the storm.

Here’s how Virgin leaders were showing up for their employees that day:

Setting Crystal Clear Expectations

Having a crystal clear vision of what the team was trying to achieve that day was the key to a successful customer experience. The employee didn’t rush me off the phone; rather, her goal was to focus on my needs and to take the time to make it right. As she said, “I’m successful if you feel a little bit better after we talk.”

Hiring for Values

Leaders who use values-based hiring know that skills and knowledge are important for the team’s success… but they don’t stop there. They look for the essence of an individual when making hiring decisions. Clearly, the leaders had taken the time to identify what values were important for this role (i.e. caring about others, having a positive outlook, compassionate problem solvers) and hired employees who were a ‘values’ fit first.

Getting in the Trenches

All hands on deck doesn’t mean that you get to sit by and watch your team handle stressful situations. It means getting into the trenches and fighting alongside them. The leaders on that team were on the floor, taking calls, handling questions and doing what they could to help. Employees need to know that we leaders have their backs.

Creating the Right Behaviors by Using the Right Metrics

There’s an old adage: What gets measured gets managed. In most call centers, average handle time is one of the leading metrics used to manage a rep’s performance. Customers can often ‘feel’ this expectation as they are rushed off the line (sometimes without problem resolution). But leaders who have the right behavioral-driving metrics in place—whether it’s resolving a problem in one call or ensuring customer satisfaction—make sure the metrics are driving the right behaviors.



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