Better Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

The sum of all interactions between a customer and an organisation can be collectively termed as the organisation’s customer experience. It is inclusive of the process of discovery, initiation, purchase, service and advocacy.

1. Understand your audience & create buyer personas

To create the best customer experience, you have to first understand your customers – who they are, their motivations and concerns. If your organization wants to deeply understand customers and empathize with them, you need access to in-depth intel.

There are two ways you could do this –

  1. Profile the types of customers your customer service team deals with every day. There’s no better way than this to understand customer’s needs.
  2. Use marketing analytics reports on AdWords, Facebook, Mixpanel and Google Analytics to get data about your target groups – demographics, interests and purchase behavior. what they want.

2. Work backwards from the experience you want to deliver

When planning your customer experience, it’s easiest to work backwards. Apple is known for its premium customer experience, and for obvious reasons. Steve Jobs, who was responsible for the brand Apple grew to be, famously advocated his principle of “beginning with the customer experience and working backwards to the technology”.

Here is a three-step process to creating your customer experience –

  1. List your brand’s customer experience stages and places where you have an opportunity to make an impression. Try and showcase your USP using these opportunities. For instance, with Amazon, it’s delivery earlier than promised.
  2. Focus on utility and solving real problems, instead of obsessing with features or superficial elements. When designing your customer experience, even the smallest of problems count.

Developments as small as these can have the biggest of impacts on customers.

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