Can Live Chat Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Oh yes, live chat can improve customer satisfaction. Are you wondering why this is so? Let’s take a closer look at some reasons why live chat produces this high level of satisfaction.

1. Faster responses: No need to wait for an email response, navigate an automated phone system, listen to pre-recorded messages, or wait on hold. Live chat features such as Chatbots and Click-to-Chat allow your service team to help customers on demand. Co-browsing, Remote Assistance, and Remote View give your agents the ability to see what the customer is seeing as well as show them where to find what they need and how to resolve their issues more quickly.

2. Timely responses: Agents are able to answers questions as they arise, on demand, with Chatbots and Click-to-Chat. Mobile Chat and Broad Platform Support make it possible for customers to engage service agents quickly from mobile or desktop devices and various platforms such iOS, Android, Mac or PC.

3. Less effort: Live chat solutions enable customers to engage agents without having to pick up the phone, launch email, or leave your website. Features such as Chatbots and Click-to-Chat make it easy for site visitors to get questions answered, or issues addressed, with minimal effort.

4. Meets customers where they are: Wherever customers happen to be, capabilities like Mobile Chat and Broad Platform Support, allow them to connect with your service team from their mobile or desktop devices on iOS, Android, Mac, or PC platforms.

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