Client’s Data: Maintain Customer Confidentiality

Customer confidentiality simply means keeping information about people who use your products and services private and not expose it to anyone except they give you the permission to. When a customer patronise a business, he may have to give information such as his name, address or financial accounts. Failure to properly secure and protect confidential business information can lead to the loss of business/clients. 

Do not let people who haven’t been screened by your security to log-in on the computers or access any databases. Create passwords on protected files so that users who illegally gain access to the system will still not be able to access sensitive information.

Create a code to identify customers. Instead of typing a customer’s name on important documents, just enter her code number. This makes it more difficult for a criminal to identify that customer, even if he gains access to her paperwork.

Again, it is also important that, files that are particularly sensitive should be kept on a machine that cannot be accessed on a network. Put the computer and the backup files in a locked room that can only be opened by people with the authorization to read the information.

Finally it would be nice if you ask employees to sign confidentiality agreements. These will put employees on notice that if they give out business or customer information, they run the risk of a lawsuit.

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