Customer Service Mediator


Customer Service Mediator

Who holds service providers accountable?

Customers need a mediator that can get their complaints heard and addressed on time by service providers. Service providers hold so much influence over our daily lives because we depend on them for every interaction. From the simplest personal activity to more complex social activities, service providers are the powerful influencers.

The basic human needs which are essential for survival are no longer in the hands of each individual. We depend on enterprises and corporations to help us meet these needs. So who holds manufacturers and service providers accountable?

If customers are the reasons why businesses exist in the first place, then these customers should be able to influence and drive the right kinds of service that they desire and deserve. It is our basic human right or in this case, consumers right, to demand and get quality service that we are paying for. But, it is often unclear what rights consumers have and how far-reaching it is. Hence, service providers for years have taken advantage of this loophole to exploit their customers for maximum profits.

What if there is an advocate for the customers? What if there is an independent body to oversee and ensure fairness in the interactions between service providers and their customers?

Well, there is!

Customer Service Mediator (CSM)

The sole mission of Customer Service Mediator (CSM) is to bridge the service gap between demand and satisfaction. Customers now have a mediator to report to when any product or service provider defaults in meeting the terms of their agreement which has already been paid for. Send your unattended complaints, delayed/unacknowledged issues and poor customer service reports directly to CSM. You can rest assured that they would be taken up with the concerned service providers. CSM will follow up on every complaint until a mutually satisfying solution is reached.

Have you been frustrated by any poor service or product lately? Send in your complaints to or tag us to your complaints on social media (@csmnig) and we will take it up from there. Telecommunication, FMCG, Transportation, Hospitality, Fast foods and restaurants, IT, Finance/Fintech, Electricity, Social Services, Healthcare, Education, Delivery services, SMEs, prepaid TV services, Entertainment and other customer services issues in any industry will be handled with all seriousness.

Customer Service Mediator

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No matter how little you are paying or how small the issue is, if you are paying for it you deserve to be well-served.

Send in your complaints in video formats, text or pictures.

Let us champion the course of customer service for everyone. Customers should be the real influencers.

Contact us now and get your right!

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