Easy way to tell customers they aren’t right – without saying, ‘You’re wrong’

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Let’s face it: Nobody likes to be wrong. But sometimes clients aren’t as receptive to the bad news as we may hope. When it comes to opinionated clients, at times, they have an idea of what they want, but we, as the agency, have the market knowledge and experience to know that these expectations may be unrealistic.

 Be Diplomatic and Communicate Effectively

Diplomacy is crucial when it comes to communicating with your clients. Your clients are entitled to their opinion and (many) suggestions, which is why you can’t tell them that they are flat out wrong. To avoid belittling them, make sure to provide reasons why they are right, first.

Give honest and Constructive Feedback

Nobody wins with dishonest feedback. Always remember to give the valuable feedback that you would like to receive. A survey revealed that 92% of professionals agreed that negative feedback can improve performance if presented appropriately. And when applied to client relations, by letting them know what isn’t working, your team can follow that up by providing a solution that will provide results that better fit with what your clients originally had in mind.

In summary: 

  1. Stick to the facts. Avoid pointing to what’s been said, and focus on what’s been done and is documented. …
  2. Bring up “miscommunication.” When using the word “miscommunication,” you don’t point blame. …
  3. Change his perspective. …
  4. Offer alternatives.
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