Give Your Customers the Gift of Live Engagement This Christmas

As we all know, Christmas is around the corner and shoppers are getting ready both on the high street and online. Consumers are inundated with options of where to buy from and it’s more important than ever to differentiate your brand. With that being said, it’s not too late to offer Live Customer Engagement for a competitive advantage this season.

Live Engagement could be the answer for online retailers looking to differentiate themselves in a very crowded marketplace. A platform where online shoppers can ask quick questions, receive timely answers and move quickly to making a buying decision.

Live Customer Engagement technology is also a perfect tool for customers who have issues with an existing product. Instead of visiting the closest store or calling their help desk, customers can immediately engage with an online agent. And with video chat and mobile camera capabilities, the agent can look at the product and help troubleshoot, removing the need to ship the item back for repair or try to explain the problems over the phone.


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