Hire team players and get them invested in the process

At the other end of customer interactions with your brand are employees, who are key to creating a great customer experience. So hire team

players and get them invested in the process. For example, If a customer happens to mention a birthday when reserving tables, the manager pays a visit to the table and extends wishes to exactly the right person.

If an employee overhears a customer expressing their likes or dislikes for something, every staff member is intimated to take necessary actions.

Just like Danny Meyer believes in hiring the right people to enable such a customer experience.

Here are two tips to hire and initiate the right talent to enable great customer service –

  1. Focus on the skills that matter – interpersonal skills, the ability to interact and connect with people, presentation, hospitality and the ability to maintain a cool mind through crises.
  2. Create a set of principles for your customer executive and sales personnel to follow, so their interactions with customers are smooth and pleasant.

2. Eliminate bad design early in the game

As discussed earlier in the article, the user experience (UX) is a large part of the customer experience. The design of your website and app matter, but so does the complete design of your customer experience.

The important question isn’t which channel the customer is coming from anymore. Customers are pouring in from multiple channels, all seeking solutions from your brand is just one bad experience away from leaving you forever.

By planning every stage of the customer experience – from discovery to purchase and advocacy – you retain more control over how it appears to customers.

Design tips for creating the best customer experience –

  1. Create a consistent brand experience across channels – your website, apps, email and social media channels. For instance, Etsy’s orange and white theme is consistent across all their channels.
  2. Eliminate unnecessary hurdles and ensure that customers are always placed on the shortest path to any goal; be it purchase, seeking information or service.
  3. Factor in irrational, emotional satisfiers. For instance, from building app Wufoo had emotions on their contact form for a period of time. Their form would ask customers how they were feeling on a scale of the largest smiling face to the grumpiest of emojis. This addition drastically sobered up their incoming customer support emails and left customers feeling more attended to and satisfied.
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