How to Create a Personalized Customer Experience

Today, marketers are taking personalization one step further to deliver personalized communications to customers based on real-time

behavior, interests, preferences, and customer data. It was a personalized experience, and the way they went about it is an excellent lesson we all can learn from.

First, the concept of personalization is to make the customer feel like the experience is somewhat unique to them.

Imagine a world where every advertisement displayed, email sent, store entered, mobile offer viewed, and website visited was personalized just for you. This might seem like an unreachable goal, but this is the future of the customer experience, and it’s what customers are already starting to expect.

Innovative brands are leading the way in defining the next generation of customer experience with e-commerce personalization, delivering more accurate, relevant, and personalized touchpoints both in store and online. These companies are incorporating retail fundamentals like optimizing customer interactions over mobile devices, building brand loyalty by giving each customer a voice, and creating unique customer experiences as part of a customized journey to increase engagement and drive sales.

Here are just a few ideas to add to your brand’s customer journey strategy:

  • Send an abandoned cart message. Create a remarketing message to encourage customers to return to your site to purchase the items they left in their cart.
  • Recommend products on your website. Before and after a purchase, recommend similar or complementary products based on customer selections while on site.
  • Emulate a conversation with a product expert. Ask a set of questions that reveal valuable insights for future marketing and immediate use in the form of personalized recommendations.
  • Send transactional emails. Use email marketing solutions to thank customers for purchasing and include personalized product recommendations based on their transaction.

In summary you should create a truly memorable experience.

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