Payment Issues could lead to bad customer service

One issue that can lead to bad customer service is, payment. Refusing to pay, trying to postpone the payment with silly excuses or avoiding any

communication are sure-fire signs of a problem client. You shouldn’t however confuse such clients with those who have a genuine reason for delaying a payment. They however usually come to you to explain the situation and offer some ways to solve the problem.

Abusive To Your Staff

Similarly, a customer who doesn’t treat your staff with respect doesn’t deserve your time and effort. Whether it’s disrespecting your staff’s work, being bossy or even rude and abusive, you might want to consider letting the customer go. A customer with no manners is no king.

This point is nicely illustrated by the story of the Restaurant Chef who had to deal with two unfair customers in his restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After being totally unfair and rude, these two individuals even threatened to write a bad review on Yelp. The response by the restaurant chef was quite priceless.


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