Shock your customers with great customer service

Why is it that when we receive awesome customer service that we are so blown away? Have we become so used to mediocre treatment these days that when we are treated well we are surprised? If that is the case, it is a sad state of affairs. When you invest in a service to be provided at a fair price, in return you should always receive service that makes you smile. If you do not, you should find another service provider immediately.

Ralph narrated to us few days back saying: I recently ordered a new phone. I received said product at 6pm one day last week. At 9pm, curiosity got the best of my 8 year old and he attempted to sneak it away to look at it. Three steps in it slipped from his hands and literally bounced on all four corners across the floor. Yep, all four corners crushed in and cracked. This thing was only 3 hours old and now it was ruined. I will not bore you with the details of what immediately followed, as I am sure you can imagine. (note the fact that I am Italian/Irish and let your imagination fill in the rest).

First thing the next morning I made my appointment to visit the genius bar at the local Apple store. My story was met with compassion and immediately followed by “it looks like we will not be able to repair the damage, you will have to replace the whole thing and unfortunately it is not covered by the warranty”. I braced myself, waiting for the price punchline. “However” he pauses… “given the fact that you literally JUST got it and did not even get to use it, we will take care of it”. WHAT??? Not expecting that. Awesome service, I was shocked, and don’t think I did not tell everyone including Apple how much I appreciated what Wayne at the genius bar did for me. My 8 year old went on to live another day.

This is the type of service you should be getting from your vendors. This is the type of service you should expect. This is the type of service that That’s Good HR strives to provide every day. If we sent you someone to perform a job and that job did not get done to your satisfaction, we take care of it. If you are looking for a job and you have the skills and qualifications that our clients are seeking, we will take care of you. If you are having a bad day at work and you are a client or an employee, we will listen. You should not be surprised to receive this level of service and if you are not getting it from your current staffing provider, call us….now.


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