Social media customer service: Things you need to know

Social media customer service is exactly what it sounds like. You use social media tools to provide online customer service and support.

In today’s digital world, people use social media channels to connect with businesses. And they expect businesses to be available on social media to provide help when they need it.

You likely already have a solid strategy for social media marketing and a great customer service team. But do you have a strategy for how your brand will use social media customer service solutions?

Using social media for customer support is different from using the same tools for social marketing. Social media customer service can help improve relationships and protect your brand’s reputation.

1. Make social customer service a priority

You have to view social media customer service as a business priority, not an afterthought. At Bumble, customer service is the “backbone of the entire business.”

2. Set up a dedicated social handle for customer service and support

Brands often use a separate handle to manage social customer support. This helps filter out support and service issues from your primary channel.

3. Create social media guidelines

Social customer support has different challenges and opportunities than social marketing. It is important to have social media guidelines in place for customer support. These should align with your company values and with the social media marketing team.

Your social media guidelines for social customer support should cover some of the following:

 1)Tone of voice

2)Response time for each channel

3)Answer to frequently asked questions

4) Protocol on escalations or other customer issues

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