Support your customers hunger

What are your customers really hungry for? What do they need that you can provide that doesn’t need any sauce or sugar coating? What do you do for them that they couldn’t function without?

To some companies the answer comes really easy they are banks providing finance, hospitals providing emergency medicine, utility companies providing power, security companies protecting assets, or airlines getting people there on time.

How could your customers want you even more? What needs are you satisfying? It doesn’t have to be a fundamental as those described above.

I have a good friend who is passionate about coffee, and who cannot function each day without a morning coffee and a scone. The barista in the local restaurant is dedicated, talented, and makes a flat white with flare and pride. When the restaurant shutdown unexpectedly my friend resigned herself to drinking substandard coffee until she found another barista as good.

Consider this – What do your customers really need from you and what’s just sauce? How can you make the product that satisfies their biggest need even better? And can you ditch the sauce altogether.

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