Best you take Your Customer Service from Good to Great

Very obvious that, we have all seen companies that are terrible at customer service.
The key to building a great company is discipline, consistency and building growth in daily increments.
Everything at every level within the organization is about servicing the customer the best way possible.

It isn’t that these organizations think the customer isn’t right. In some instances, it’s as if the customer doesn’t count.
To be great, customer service should be the defining and driving force within a business. It starts at the top and inculcates the organization from top to bottom and side to side

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Below are ways to move your customer service from Good to Great

Step 1: Striving for Level 5 Leadership?

Step 2: Getting the right people on the bus

Step 3: Face up to the brutal facts

Step 4: Are you building a clock or just telling the time?

Step 5: Fire off small bullets before you launch a cannonball. This means you should Fire off some rounds, see where they land, and then adjust your aim.