Be an example of good customer service in retail by paying attention to the details

Paying attention to details…..

As a good customer service manager, you should pay attention to details because it is the little things that matter.

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Just like in a restaurant, where the way you present your food can affect customer satisfaction, so can the way your staff present themselves to your customers. And this applies to any type of business that provides customer service, whether it is in offline retail, online retail, hospitality, or otherwise.

For example, the client below couldn’t stop raving about all the little service details that made him say ‘why would you want to go anywhere else?’ when posting about his stay at a particular hotel.

“1. They change the mat on the floor in the elevator to say “Good morning” or “Good evening” according to the time of day.

2. Their elevators are timed impeccably; you never wait long for one to come even if the hotel is busy.

3. All the staff wear a very nice smelling fragrance across the entire hotel.

4. Whether you call room service, reception, the garage etc, they always call you by your full name

5. They accommodate whatever request you have, big or small. Why would you want to go anywhere else?”
Even if you’re not in the hospitality industry, you can implement personal touches like this in any business.

  1. You might not have an elevator, but you can change the floor mats by your entrance to say “good morning” or “good evening”, or implement more personalised greetings in your e-mail marketing.
  2. You can try to open more check-out registers so your customers don’t have to wait in long lines to pay for their items (a bigger concern than elevators for most retailers).
  3. Some customers may be allergic to certain fragrances, but you could introduce policies that make your staff more presentable in general.
  4. If you know your customers’ names, try using them! It’s a proven fact that people like hearing their names.
  5. And flexibility is key. If you can help your customers without having it negatively affect your work, why not? Make change if you have enough small bills at the time. Allow your customers to use the restroom if they need it. Offer them a spoon if you see that they have purchased a ready-to-eat product (like ice cream or soup). None of this will take more than of couple minutes (or seconds), and your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and even start to think ‘why go anywhere else?’