Provide good customer service in retail with social media monitoring

The first step to providing good customer service in retail begins with listening to your customers.

Your customers won’t always approach you directly, so you may need to do some digging to uncover customer feedback or use a social media monitoring tool to do the digging for you. Keep in mind that your company won’t always be tagged when your customers mention you.

This is where social listening tools can give you a hand. Set up media monitoring projects to track mentions of your brand, product, industry, etc… and receive instant notifications whenever your customers mention you on-line, whether you’ve been tagged or not.

A powerful yet easy-to-use media monitoring tools that make tracking down customer feedback super simple are as follows:

Step 1: Set up your social listening projects

Start by selecting the keywords you want to track.

Step 2: Keep an eye on your social listening projects

Once you’ve set up your social listening projects, keep an eye on the data you collect. Personalise notifications to let you know when there is a sudden increase in results for your company or for particular types of results (such as negative or positive results, or for specific #hashtags, etc).