Personalize the Customer Experience by Tracking Offline Conversations

As consumers are jumping across online channels to the phone and back, your sales representatives need to know exactly where a caller has been, who they are and, most importantly, why they are calling. Without this information the chances of achieving a sale are greatly reduced.

By personalizing the customer experience, leads will feel more valued and be more focused on making a purchase, which is why 94% of large enterprises worldwide are using their customer data to deliver personalized experiences.

Call tracking analytics generate real-time insights about each caller. Your sales team can view information on the customer they’re communicating with, such as the page they landed on, the keywords they used to find your website and if they have called before. You’ll be able to tailor conversations to specific customers and close more deals.

This can also be used to automatically route and filter callers, so they are sent to the correct person or department, eliminating call transfers.

For instance, if you were a retail company with a customer who had an item of clothing in their basket, but they decided to call before completing their purchase, they would be directed to the correct sales representative to help complete the sale.

Together this all forms a frictionless customer journey. Customers will feel reassured that you know exactly what they want and happy customers lead to better conversion rates.

Although larger enterprises have a bigger market share, they can still suffer from the difficulty of reaching customer service targets. However, by introducing call tracking, your business can gain comprehensive customer insights, guaranteeing that you are using the best omnichannel marketing strategies to increase customer satisfaction and sales.