The Evolution of Measuring Customer Experience

Customer experience metrics have several uses. Most organisations now report having some level of customer experience measurement program in place. But the majority are still not able to show how the customer experience metrics they collect directly impact business performance or how they are using them to improve customer experience.

Measuring and improving customer experience is difficult in part because there isn’t a widely agreed upon definition of what constitutes a customer experience. This lack of definition also creates the potential issue of customer experience devolving into everything. But there has been some great progress on the definition and measurement front.

According to Thompson ”They can be used to communicate the rationale for previous investments; validate whether improvements have taken place; set goals and targets for future improvements; or intervene when remedial action is needed.”

  1. Peace of mind has the strongest impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty and word of mouth.
  2. Moments of truth are the next most important attributes to positively impact loyalty and word of mouth.
  3. Outcome focus (the customers’ ability to achieve their goals) effects loyalty and word of mouth but only to a lesser extent than peace of mind.
  4. After peace of mind, product experience has the strongest impact on customer satisfaction, but not as much impact as the other three dimensions on loyalty or word of mouth.

This research offers additional insight into how to measure customer experience. It suggests that the peace of mind dimension needs to be incorporated into how you create and calculate your customer experience metric. If you plan to create a measure of customer experience, consider how your organization is set up to deliver on these attributes and how you would measure each of these dimensions. 

Give Your Customers Peace of Mind With a Secure Shopping Experience

Your customers needs an undivided attention, to do this, you must believe it’s the primary condition for a successful collaboration. Make them experience high quality of service from the very beginning of your collaboration. 

All of us are customers, and as such, we all have buying experiences (good and bad) that shape our opinion of the company from which we are buying. There have been numerous discussions on how the exchange between buyers and sellers has evolved from creating products, to building customer relationships, to creating compelling customer experiences.

The fact that more and more consumers are heading online to shop for goods and services provides an excellent opportunity for businesses of all sizes. So companies like yours should be able to share their message and communicate their value proposition to a wider audience, which means capturing sales and increasing revenue.

Then finally, be sure to offer reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Nothing conveys the sense of trust to your prospects than hearing about the experiences of others who have purchased from your company. Many consumers scan through customer reviews before buying, so use your satisfied customers as your biggest cheerleaders.