Call Tracking is Crucial to Your Customer Service Targets

Understanding the lifetime value of a customer is crucial to encouraging repeat business. After all, encouraging current customers to re-purchase is easier as they have lower associated costs and are likelier to give higher satisfaction ratings. This metric is usually calculated through average order value, purchase frequency and customer time length.

However, the path to purchase is complex with consumers switching between online and offline channels before becoming a sale. So omnichannel tracking is necessary.

If 70% of consumers phone your business directly from a search results page, it’s clear your online marketing is driving offline sales. But how can you track an individual customer’s lifetime journey to prove their value?

Call tracking from provides seamless information on the entire customer journey.

For example, if you send an email to an existing customer promoting a new product and they decide to call directly from your listed phone number, it’s clear this online marketing channel is driving over-the-phone conversions. You can then calculate how valuable these interactions and conversions are from lifetime customers.2

Consumer expectations have changed drastically. Our patience has weakened with on-demand services (social media, email, live chat) and we expect instant results.

But in the day and age where it is 9 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, meeting customer immediacy is a must for improving retention and return rates.

There’s still a perception among customers that filling out contact forms or sending an email means waiting days for a response. They know a phone call can resolve a query in minutes compared to a week’s worth of emails.