NOT hearing from your customers doesn’t mean that they’re satisfied

  • You want to know if your customers are satisfied? Then try to hear from them all the time. These are real life examples of good customer service in retail……
  • Promising that you will deliver good customer service isn’t enough. Consumers want a guarantee, or proof, that they will have a good experience.
  • People don’t just talk about their in-store experiences while they’re at the store. They rant or rave about it on the Internet, via social media, in forums, on review sites, in person, etc. Whether it’s 195 angry customers or 432 happy customers, make sure you’re listening – the right tools can help you get ahold of all your online customer feedback so you don’t have to spend time looking for the

Be an example of good customer service in retail by going the extra mile to make your customers feel special

Because rules were made to be broken.

How many times have you silently pledged your loyalty to a brand or company because they bent the rules for you (even if it was just over something tiny)?

That just recently happened to me with Amazon. I had signed up for Prime membership but then decided to cancel it because they stopped carrying the product that I normally order from them. I was one day past the monthly renewal period, but after contacting their customer service department, they promptly issued a refund for the subscription fee from that month and immediately cancelled my account. All in under 10 minutes and completely hassle-free.

I know I was one day late, yet they made it work. It feels like they made a special exception, just for me. And I definitely won’t hesitate to do business with them again.

Doing little ‘favors’ like that for your customers can significantly increase customer loyalty and trust for your brand.

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