The best 10 customer service techniques

How can we stand out when presenting a product to a customer or handling a complaint? Here are 12 tips to help you improve your service that every employee and company should know about:

1. Get training: Many people think that customer service comes “naturally. Customer service is far too serious and important a business to be left to chance; your employees need to take it seriously, receive the appropriate training and learn.

2. Listen carefully: The first customer contact is about what the customer has to tell us. They may be interested in a new product, or have a problem. We should always pay close attention, and listen calmly and attentively so that we don’t miss a detail.

3. Be human: We all like to be treated like people, so don’t speak like a robot. Always ask the customer for their first name and tell them yours, whether you are behind a counter or at the other end of the phone or online chat.

4. Apologize: While you are probably not to blame for your customer’s complaint, it’s your job to apologize. A company that apologizes cares about its customers. Don’t be afraid to say the words “I’m sorry” and show empathy too.

5. Communicate: Firstly, try to find out what the customer is looking for (ask questions politely if necessary) and then express yourself clearly and concisely. Don’t be afraid to repeat things if necessary. Speak the customer’s language.

6. Solve the problem: The customer needs and wants you to solve the problem, not make excuses or bombard them with technical explanations. Focus on finding out what they need and offer solutions (offer a number of alternatives if possible). If you can’t help them, find someone who can. Always look for a solution.

7. Be positive and polite: Customers like to deal with people who are polite and positive. Never forget to say goodday, and be cheerful. Show the customer that they are important and that you are happy to see them and be of assistance.

8. Know the product. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than discovering that you don’t have good knowledge of the product. It is your duty to be familiar with every feature of the company’s products or services.

9. Stay calm. If you have direct contact with customers, at some stage you will have to deal with an irate customer. In these situations, the golden rule is: stay calm. If you get angry too, the conversation may become heated and worsen.

10. Put yourself in their shoes. In the end, the golden rule of customer service is very simple: put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Show empathy and treat them the way Credit: game learn Kindly drop a comment. Thank you


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