Ways to turn ordinary employees into extraordinary performers for you

Bosses have many options regarding how they relate to employees working for them. To be

effective, it’s important for a leader to maximize the contributions of employees.

Here are a few ideas on how to get this done.

1. Treat all you meet with dignity

Being nice costs you nothing. Valuing people is also a free investment. When you approach employees with a positive mindset and a commitment to treat them politely, you win. Play the role of a battering ram and you lose.

2. Find their passion and tap the energy passion produces

We all have passions, and employees are no different. As a leader, do you have a clear sense of the passions your employees bring to the workplace? Observe behavior in various work situations to pick up what an employee enjoys doing. Listen when you are in conversations, or simply ask questions. Look for ways to maximize passion and you raise the level of productivity, satisfaction and energy.

3. Be an encourager; recognize achievement

You are not a cheerleader, but don’t miss an opportunity to cheer on an employee when they do a good job. We like praise, so long as it is genuine. So be genuine with praise whenever you can and your leadership will increase employee loyalty.

4. Take advantage of the imagination of others, as well as your own

You might be surprised at the creativity employees can bring to your area of responsibility. Frequently seek to tap into this gold mine of knowledge and experiences. Employees enjoy contributing, and this is a very productive way to accomplish that.

5. Help others envision possibilities

Some employees need a boost to recognize the possibilities of their career or the contributions they can make to the organization. Possibility thinking was a message most famously shared by Dr. Robert Schuller. Become a Dr. Schuller, and raise possibility thinking to a way of life in your workplace.

6. Bring purpose to the job, because purpose drives

Earlier I mentioned passion. There is a connection here. Many passions drive purpose. Combine the two if you can, and you’ve created a giant pool of self-motivation that can only enhance employee contributions and organizational effectiveness.

7. Share your knowledge

Operate from the perspective that there are no secrets. Share what you know whenever an employee asks. In fact, offer additional information to grow their knowledge through the use of a customized personal growth plan for each employee. The smarter your employees, the better results everyone will achieve.

8. Be fair and consistent with all your decisions

This may be one of your most important leadership practices. Being predictable removes stress. Even though some leaders can be difficult, at least employees know what to expect. With more of a servant mentality, you open the door to work fairly and consistently from a position of strength!

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