Why blaming your agents for call center breaches will not help

Whilst it’s commonly understood that the greatest risk of a breach comes from the employee, blaming your agents is never the right route to take. Call center agents are human. They are careless, flawed and often exploited. In fact, attackers love exploiting the naivety of your employees because it’s so easy.

All it takes is one successful phishing email to persuade just one user to hand over their organizations login details. Once that hacker gains entry to your systems, you’re not going to find out until it’s too late — your anti-virus and perimeter systems aren’t programmed to pick up on access using legitimate login details, giving snoopers all the time in the world to, well, snoop.

Best way to prevent turnover in your call center

With average staff attrition rates hitting 50%, now is the time to take action to prevent high turnover in your call center.

However, there are ways that you can ensure that your call centre does not get hit with those high attrition rates:

(1) Revamp Your Hiring Strategy

One of the problems with turnover in a call center is that prospective employees don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Employees are hired; they attend orientation, and then spend a few weeks in training. After training, they hit the floor, and realize that the job is nothing like they expected.

According to a recent study on hiring costs at 54 Fortune 1,000 companies, hiring the wrong call center representative often costs nearly 26 times the average salary.

We have to make sure that that we get it right the first time.

– Don’t hire based on a gut feeling.

– Be proactive by conducting pre-hire screens and test for skills, attitudes and behaviors required for the job.

– Give prospective employees a realistic job preview.

(2) Abolish the Boring Call Center Factor

Most employees in a call centre spend most of their time on the phones. Most centers require that you take anywhere from forty to a hundred calls per day.

Let’s face it, after doing the same thing all day, every day, the job can get boring, and, if you’re not careful, the work environment of your call center can be similar to that of a sweatshop.

– Create a fun atmosphere by having frequent special events.

– Make the job more fulfilling: Enlarge the job by giving more responsibility.

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