How to identify a bad service

Not all customers are kings. Although there are plenty of service gurus out there that will tell you that you should go out of your way to satisfy even delight each and every customer, anyone with a bit of business experience will know that in some cases that is just impossible.

Some people are just unfair and are looking to exploit your services. Even more, to keep your service team effective, you should know how to recognize these people.

We are a service company, that’s why we mostly write posts about how to best satisfy your customers. It thus might seem strange to some of you that we are now writing a post about ‘bad’ customers. However, the truth is that you can actually improve your service by timely identifying this group of ‘bad’ customers and taking action.

High Contact Frequency

If a customer contacts you with a frequency far above the average, devouring too much of your team’s time, he might not be worth keeping.

Looking for better customer relationships?

Of course this doesn’t mean that anyone reaching out with requests is potentially a bad customer. But if you have someone who constantly reaches out to you with questions that could have been answered by simply going through your website or knowledge base, if a customer is obviously too lazy to think for himself, he deserves the label of a potential ‘bad customer’.


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