Why most customer satisfaction is not good enough

So in a world where nearly everyone walks around with a sophisticated, globally-networked

computer in their pocket, customer satisfaction surveys have never been easier. What was once an arduous process involving a forest’s worth of paper and months of data-crunching can now be run in a week and reported a week later.

Customer service expectations are at an all-time high and businesses that fail to deliver differentiated, connected, and personalized service interactions are losing market share… but with the market in flux, how can modern organizations deliver better service experiences?
The fact is superior service is hard to deliver.

Great service organizations today have to do more than just resolve issues; they need to simplify user engagement, deliver quick resolutions with full transparency, and proactively ensure every service encounter delivers an acceptable resolution that leaves the customer happy. Keep your customer happy by leveraging Clicktools to capture rich customer sentiment, refine service experiences with feedback automation, and engage customers after resolution to confirm satisfaction and promote customer loyalty.

Ensure Satisfaction and Drive Loyalty:

Engage customers after service resolution to protect quality of service and inform next best action. Leverage dynamic feedback surveys that auto populate key fields and trigger workflows to re-engage dissatisfied customers or turn highly satisfied customers into loyal advocates.

Refine Service to Improve Resolution Rate:

Utilize responsive surveys with conditional logic to enhance account records with complex customer feedback; Deliver superior service engagements with 360 account analysis that enables service process optimization and improved resolution rate.

Empower Teams to Cut Overhead and Deliver Value:

Enable business users to capture valuable voice-of-the-customer data, refine CRM records with actionable insights, and engage customers across channels. Maximize value with pre-integrated, role-based surveys, scripts, and forms without the need for technical resources. Create an agile, customer focused culture that utilizes continuous customer feedback to improve process, identify new sales opportunities, and deliver superior ROI.

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